We’re Off! First Meeting 26/1/22

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to the first meeting of Sustainable Oakington & Westwick on Wednesday evening. It was great to see so many people and inspiring to hear what everyone had to say. There were lots of good ideas! 21 people joined so far. Notes from the meeting are circulated to attendees.

It was decided to meet again and the church hall has been booked for Wednesday 23rd February, 7:30pm when we will consider in more deatil what to do, actions to take and how to organise – so if you couldn’t make the first hope you can come along and hope that date will suit most people.

We will circulate some info for consiedration before the next meeting

and we welcome any thoughts or suggestions for the meeting …add as comments on this page or email sustainableow@gmail.com

Please Come to MEETING …

Wednesday 26th January
7:30pm in St. Andrew’s Church Hall

Our first main get-together to explore ideas for how we can live more sustainably in Oakington & Westwick.
If you are concerned about our impact on nature, the climate emergency, loss of biodiversity, plastic pollution etc please come along – it would be great to hear your ideas. (It won’t commit you to anything!)
Or get in touch: email sustainableow@gmail.com or ring : 0785 7704 636

I’m the one in green!

Questionnaire – Part 1 – Food

We would like to find out what actions we villagers are already taking or would like to take to help the planet. Please could you spare a minute to fill in this short anonymous survey? There will be further surveys covering other topics – the one after this will be about waste and recycling :


Thanks – a later post will include details of the results of the survey so you can see what we as a village are already doing / would like to do more of etc.

food glorious food

Welcome to the New Group

Sustainable Oakington & Westwick

Many of us are concerned about the impact on nature and the environment of things like plastic waste, habitat loss and climate change. So we are forming a new group, Sustainable Oakington and Westwick, (SOW) to help bring together ideas and initiatives around the community. If you have any ideas re what we could all do, or you would like to join the group, please email us on sustainabaleow@outlook.com

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