How Group Should Work?

Thinking about how we can discuss and decide how to organise the group when we still don’t know exactly what we will do as a group … it seems rather difficult and awkward to me but also quite key … I reached the conclusion it would be most efficient to present to the group several plausible alternatives before the meeting for consideration and then  discussion and voting at the meeting. Alternatives? …

  1. Subject Area sub-group based:
  • e.g transport, food, recycling, wildlife …
  • people say what groups they would like and if at least 3 people want to join that’s a sub group
  • sub groups self govern
  • all groups come together quarterly to update each other, hear views, vote when asked by sub groups 
  1. Global priority based
  • We discuss what is most important / effective things we can do to save the world
  • Vote for top actions we can take – say top 3
  • We  volunteer for 1,2 or 3
  • sub groups self-govern
  • Groups publish their plan to all others for comments and key issues voted on by whole group so projects approved by overall majority
  • Sub groups action agreed plans
  1. Organistion-based
  • Management committee (core functions chair treasurer comms …?)
  • Actively seek wider group opinions / votes but also develop the way it works based on ongoming situation / experience
  • Preeoject leads appoind per project
  • volunteers for projects

I dont feel strongly either way but think an open discussion without predefined options on how we organsie would take ages and not be mature and the above would make it easier to pr

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